The Center provides program evaluation services tied to the CTSC’s mission of innovating instruction and promoting equity in PK-16 programs. Recent projects focus on the use of digital tools in educational settings, college readiness and retention, and data-driven decision making. The understandings generated through evaluation projects provide feedback to stakeholders and can inform the evolution of new initiatives for the larger educational community.

Typically, evaluation services include:

  • development of logic models to link program goals and outcomes;
  • identification and/or development of evaluation instruments;
  • collection and analysis of program data;
  • formative project feedback;
  • summative reporting; and,
  • model building.‌‌‌‌

CTSC also works with districts and schools to help them reflect on their institutional capacity for adopting new approaches to teaching and learning at all levels of education practice. Using formative and summative approaches, CTSC staff members partner with administrators and teachers to develop a systematic evaluation approach for assessing their capabilities and professional development/resource needs.

Select Projects

City College

The Center for Technology and School Change (CTSC) at Teachers College, Columbia University is partnering with the City College of New York to evaluate the federally-funded CiPASS initiative.

Putting post-its on the wall

Boston STEM Week

Organized and created by i2 Learning, Boston STEM Week provided students with the opportunity to engage in real-world STEM-based problems through hands-on “learning labs.”  



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