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Teachers College, Columbia University
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The Center for Technology and School Change

Teachers College, Columbia University

About CTSC

The Center for Technology and School Change is committed to the creation of innovative learning environments for all students. Recognizing technology as a catalyst for transforming instruction, the Center engages in research and practice to reimagine approaches to equitable education in the digital age.

Core Values

The Center for Technology and School Change (CTSC):

  • Envisions technology as a powerful agent for human innovation that challenges the boundaries of traditional schooling;
  • Champions opportunities for students to be at the center of their own learning, leveraging digital tools that enable teachers to facilitate student inquiry;
  • Leads research that informs the transformative use of technology in existing and emerging practices;
  • Supports leaders in guiding and sustaining change initiatives, while positioning teachers as agents of change;
  • Engages teachers as designers of student-centered, authentic learning experiences;
  • Collaborates with partners dedicated to transforming educational landscapes;
  • Contributes to evolving scholarship on innovations for teaching and learning;
  • Informs policy through dialogue with key stakeholders to address the dynamic needs of today’s schools, teachers and students.

To further its work, CTSC often engages in partnerships with other institutions, programs, and projects.

Our Partners

CTSC collaborates with educational groups to develop and to research innovative learning environments for students. Our partners are diverse and include universities, research entities, schools, foundations, non-profit organizations, and small to large corporations. CTSC celebrates the different perspectives of our partners, and we bring a research-based approach to the collaborative process. Together, we work to address the need for equitable education in the digital age.‌

Recent Partners:

  • City University of New York (CUNY)
  • Yonkers Public Schools
  • New York City Department of Education
  • Institute of International Education
  • Instituto de Investigación, Innovación y Estudios de Posgrado para la Educación
  • Education Development Corporation (EDC)
  • New Classrooms Innovation Partners
  • Bank Street College of Education
  • National Science Foundation
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • i2 Camp
  • Community School of Naples

The Center also engages in partnerships with other institutions and programs to investigate ways that schools can more easily and productively integrate technology into their education practices. For example, CTSC works with schools and districts to assist with technology planning, conduct technology walk throughs, and devise needs assessments. The Center customizes workshops specific to school needs and supports teachers as they implement technology-based projects. When working with various institutions and organizations, the Center helps its partners to focus on their goals by defining evaluation questions, collecting data, and creating formative and summative evaluation reports.

Our Staff

What makes the CTSC team unique is that everyone has both classroom experience and content expertise in using technology in their discipline. Center staff come from a variety of different backgrounds, ranging from elementary teachers to high school math teachers and researchers studying the impact of technology in classrooms. CTSC staff are not necessarily pure “techies,” but they are education professionals who share a vision and deep understanding of how technology can be used effectively in the classroom.

By complementing everyone’s experience, the Center is able to explore the relationship between research theory and practice in order to gain a better understanding of what it means to integrate technology into schools.