The Center for Technology and School Change (CTSC) at Teachers College, Columbia University is providing strategic remote learning support to schools and teachers to meet the needs of K-12 students during COVID-19. 


CTSC facilitators are pivoting their situated professional development work with educators to strategize for and to support immediate needs around distance learning.  CTSC facilitators are working alongside schools to identify the most salient instructional approaches that best fit their current resources and capacity for remote work.  


The goal of the Center’s contributions are to deepen the learning experiences afforded to students online.  This critical need is receiving increased attention nationwide, and teachers everywhere are being tasked with rapidly adopting new approaches for the given context.  Ongoing professional development is essential.  Teachers and leaders need an opportunity to reflect on emerging instructional approaches, as well as, ongoing support to put these new ideas into practice.  


CTSC facilitators are engaging and supporting teachers and leaders during whole-school sessions, team meetings, and individual coaching sessions.  The work is thoughtfully situated to the individual needs of partner schools, with technology integrated throughout in support of larger questions for instruction and pedagogy, such as:  How can we leverage interactive tools to promote meaningful collaborative learning at a distance? In what ways can we continue to authentically assess our students?  How can we transfer a project-based approach online?  How can we continue to promote equitable learning?


With over two decades of experience using technology as a catalyst for reimagining instruction, the Center is well-positioned to support educators during this time.  To learn more about the Center’s Professional Development offerings, please contact Karen Kirsch Page, Assistant Director for Professional Development at



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TC’s Center for Technology & School Change is a go-to resource for the new online era in K-12 education.

Guidance for K-12 Districts on Remote Learning

During this unprecedented time in our nation’s history, we need creativity, tenacity, and agility to address the immediate instructional needs of our K-12 students.  We offer the following guidance for K-12 districts currently designing remote learning plans. 

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