Evaluation MeetingThe Center provides program evaluation services in key areas of interest including, but not limited to, technology integration in schools, college and career readiness initiatives, and models for data-driven decision making. The understandings generated through evaluation serve not only to gauge the impact of these emerging programs, but also to indirectly inform the Center’s research and professional development initiatives. Evaluation services provided include:

  • logic model development;
  • evaluation planning;
  • data collection and analysis;
  • formative project feedback;
  • summative reporting;
  • and model building.

Project Spotlight

The Center’s external evaluation of the Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) grant, “Data Driven Differentiated Instruction”, documents and analyzes emerging uses of data to inform instruction in K-12 schools, with a particular focus on middle schools in New York’s Lower Hudson Region. Through the evaluation, the Center is generating a model for scaling up promising program practices, such as inquiry-based data teams and formative assessment strategies.

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