CTSC is awarded a 2.7 million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation for STILE 2.0, a four-year project to prepare teachers and instructional leaders in urban schools to design and implement interdisciplinary STEM learning experiences for students.

Over the past four years, CTSC has refined their approach to professional development as part of the NSF-funded STILE (Systemic Transformation of Inquiry Learning) for STEM program.  Now, thanks to a 2.7 million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation, CTSC will expand the program as STILE 2.0, continuing to research what professional learning experiences work, for which teachers, and across a greater variety of urban school contexts.


Building on key ideas learned from the NSF-funded STILE 1.0 projectCTSC will continue studying and refining their dynamic professional development approach -- Innovating Instruction. Sample research questions include: (1) To what extent do the critical components of the STILE prototype (including, the professional development approach and the interaction of STILE facilitators) support teacher change across different schools?; (2) To what extent does the STILE program influence structural changes at the school level to support the implementation and sustainability of the STEM work?; and (3)  What aspects of the STILE 2.0 approach appear promising for developing an adaptable curriculum for transdisciplinary STEM teacher development?


Through the STILE program, CTSC facilitators support teachers as they build their STEM knowledge, begin transdisciplinary STEM projects in their classes, and ultimately become advocates for change in their school communities. CTSC also works alongside principals and other educational leaders to help each STILE school move towards its project goals and create a supportive culture for STEM.

The research team is being led by Dr. Ellen Meier as P.I. and Dr. Beth Tipton as co-P.I. Caron Mineo is working as the Project Coordinator.