The Center for Technology and School Change Professional Development team held its first meeting for the 2016-2017 academic year on September 16th. The Center’s professional development team is led by Dr. Rita Sánchez, Associate Director for Professional Development, and is composed of nine professionals with both classroom experience and content expertise.

After a busy summer, the team enjoyed the chance to catch up with each other and start planning for the upcoming months. The Center for Technology and School Change has many new and continuing projects on board for this school year including:

  • Year two of the CTSC Initiative for Meaningful Tech Integration (NYC- InTech) program at ten public schools in all five New York City boroughs
  • Year five of the Bulgaria Young Leaders Program - Education Leaders Training Program (BYLP-ELTP) Fall Institute
  • Year two of the Learning Technology Grant (LTG) Maker Space: The Developers Club, Maker Space: Hands-on Engineers, and History is Alive program at nine Yonkers schools
  • The Teachers of Tomorrow (TOT) Reflective Educator Series at School 25 in Yonkers, NY.

The Center also proudly welcomes four new members to the PD team: Karen Kirsch Page, Rocio Santos-Carrillo, Santiago Caride, and Menglin Hu.

Karen is a Professional Development Associate at the Center and is currently pursuing her doctorate at TC in Adult Learning and Leadership with a focus on professional development and technology integration.

Rocio is the Technology Specialist at the Center and has taught mathematics at levels 6-12 in both and suburban and urban settings.

Santiago holds a B.A. in Philosophy and Laws from the Universidad Católica Argentina and has worked in Argentina for ten years as a professor, prefect, librarian and tutor.

Menglin holds a Bachelor’s degree in engineering from Tsinghua University and has volunteered as a science and technology teacher at Chinese primary schools for four years.

We’re very excited to have them on board!