On January 12-14, 2015, Dr. Ellen Meier gave a keynote speech at the IV Educational Summit in Santiago, Chile. Organized by the Universidad Católica de Chile and the Penn Graduate School of Education, in joint efforts with the Columbia Global Centers-Latina America (Santiago), the summit gathered key education experts to discuss the connections between leadership and school improvement processes, focusing on how administrators, teachers, and specialists can support systemic change.

Dr. Meier and Rita Sánchez Connect with Educational Leaders Globally in Santiago

Dr. Meier is shown (upper right) facilitating a workshop at the Education Summit in Santiago, Chile.
Photo twitted by @SummitEducacion on January 13, 2015

Dr. Meier and Rita Sánchez also facilitated a workshop about educational change for enthusiastic participants who consisted of teachers, administrators, teacher educators, policymakers, and representatives from the NGO community. The workshop focused on strategies that motivate change from the bottom-up in a culture of top-down reform, and it engaged participants in designing radically different initiatives to build and sustain innovative approaches to instruction using data.